The Most Important Thing to Remember about Hangover Cures

How to Get Rid Of A Hangover

We’ve all made mistakes, some more epic than others.

But sometimes the best idea after one too many is just one more. And no, we’re not talking about hair of the dog. The last thing your body needs at this point is more booze.

What you need is Last Night’s Mistake Relief & Recovery Shot. It’s like absolution for your hangover, two ounces of cherry pomegranate mercy full of vitamins and enzyme-boosting amino acids that will counter the effects of last night’s mistake with a delicious, caffeine kick.

The problem is that you’re sitting at home in your pajamas, hungover with no intention of leaving the house to pick up some Last Night’s Mistake. So do yourself a favor. Plan ahead. That’s the most important thing to remember. Keep a pre-game case at home, and a morning recovery case in your nightstand and maybe your office desk drawer. Drink one shot before and after alcohol consumption for best results.