Blogger Feature: Nicole Rauch

Hangover Recovery Shot Last Night's Mistake

So.. you’re at that point in your life where you can’t drink like you used to in college, but your friends are still spending their weekends out at the bars, drinking to their heart’s content. You always wonder how the keep up, because you’d rather have a productive weekend than one spent hung-over . . .

That’s me. I used to love drinking casually in college. And you bet I was at the bar Thursday through Saturday. How did I rally like that!? And how did I NOT get hung-over!? Must have been my youth haha. Now, I prefer not to spend my weekends drinking. I live a much healthier lifestyle than I did in college, so drinking calories I don’t need and waking up feeling horrible just doesn’t sound worth it in exchange for a few hours of fun.

On the other hand, I feel like I am missing out on fun with friends. Yes, there are other activities to do besides drinking, but sometimes a night on the town with your gals (or guys) is just what you need. SO here’s my advice for all of you out there that are like me…

Save your drinking for when it really counts. If you haven’t cut all alcohol out of your life, but try not to drink it because it doesn’t fit into your ~healthy lifestyle~, then only drink it when you “need” to. I.e. you know you have a friend’s birthday coming up next weekend, so hold off on the alcohol this weekend and indulge in it next weekend, guilt free.

Don’t binge drink. Believe it or not, you don’t have to chug your drink and order another one immediately. Start out slow and sip on whatever it is you are drinking. It is not a race!

Stick with the same kind of alcohol. If you get bad hangovers, stick to one type of booze. Starting the night with wine? Stick to wine. Had a beer before meeting your friends out downtown? Stick with beer. And so on and so forth.

Stay hydrated. I don’t care if your friends think your lame… drink your damn water. The rule of thumb is to drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you have. That sounds like a lot of trips to the bathroom, so just make sure you have water to sip on as you drink your beer or vodka soda (or whatever it is that tickles your fancy).

Be prepared for the next morning. Before I go out, I fill up my water bottle and put it on my night stand along with my Last Night’s Mistake. I’ll drink half of my LNM before I leave, and then it is already there for me to drink in the morning when I wake up. It works miracles – hangover who??

So, now I can get the best of both worlds. Productive weekend AND a night out with friends. If you’re still losing half of your day to last night, then you have some explaining to do ;)