A Guide To A Proper Bachelor & Bachelorette Weekend

Calling all best men and maids of honor - Wedding season is upon us! As you scramble to get everything in order for your groom/bride-to-be, make sure gifts for the rest of the groomsmen and bridesmaids are ready to go.

Bachelorette Party Gifts

Yeah, yeah, we know, hosting a bachelor/bachelorette weekend can be stressful, but as long as you're providing the fun, delicious booze, and of course the best party favors, then you’ll be good to go. Wait, dudes are supposed to give gift bags to their friends? Guys, you don’t have to use the term “gift bag” but it's standard to have a few items you give to the groom and groomsman to make sure their weekend is one to remember.

That means you should be grabbing at least one item from each of the following categories…

Something Small – Keep this one simple but make it cute/cool. Bottle openers, koozie cups, wine glasses, t-shirts, funky socks, you get the idea.

hangover help for bachelor party

Something Memorable – Maybe you had a weekend somewhere between college and your first real job where you went crazy – ring a bell? Maybe not, so find a photo from that weekend and frame it for all the girls. Not sure what to get the guys? Consider getting everyone a flask with ‘his or her name’ or the date of the bachelor/bachelorette party weekend engraved on it. Trust us, if they think its corny, they will at least thank you the next time they have an event that doesn’t provide booze…

The Best Party Favor Gifts

Something Fun – This one should be obvious, bring a half-gallon of some great booze, but try to pick something everyone will enjoy…might we suggest some tequila?

Bachelor Party Gift Favors

Something To Help The Next Day – Have plans the next day that include getting up earlier than you’d like? Your friends will thank you when you bring out the best hangover recovery drink on the market –Last Night’s Mistake. Don’t be the person that doesn’t prepare for everyone’s hangover. Call in the best in ‘after alcohol aid drinks’ and make sure everyone is up, moving, and ready to have even more fun the next day.

After Alcohol Aid Drink

Don’t Lose Half The Day To Last Night. You’re Welcome.