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LNM Student Brand Managers (SBMs) are a part of the most dynamic and empowered student ambassador program in the world. Our SBMs are passionate about Last Night's Mistake and share their love for the brand with their peers. They are responsible for driving the brand image on campus, building belief in the product benefits and ensuring long term loyalty starting with the college experience. The goals of the Student Brand Manager program are to reach new students, excite students, increase sales and manage the brand on a collegiate level.


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(all the responsibilities we'll trust you with)



Identify key groups we must win on campus

Build a campus plan that ensures an impact (aligned by local market needs) on the total undergraduate and graduate audience throughout semester, engaging new users and diverse groups on campus via the following tactics:

Building image via LNM events, hacks, screenings, sharing via social media

Integrate our product and brand with Big Moments, unique to campus experiences and select third party events

Drive visibility and availability of the product by creating or passing on sales opportunities

Develop relationships with campus opinion leaders to build brand loyalty among a variety of groups on campus

Build relations with and secure coverage of LNM via the campus media

Adhere to event/activity/training guidelines to ensure quality execution in aspects of the role



Assist local sales team to ensure perfect distribution and visibility on and around campus

Occasionally participate in meetings with local sales team to align marketing and sales strategies



Ensure a constant flow of new ideas

Submit activity through pictures and reports via instagram and email

Report school beverage contracts and top sales opportunities on and around campus

Be able to identify future team members

Identify future sampling opportunities and share relevant information with LNM 



Act as a LNM ambassador at all times: always professional and courteous to consumers/campus contacts/authorities

Become a credible product and brand expert: know the product ingredients and brand values

Identify relevant image and usage occasions: incorporate brand and product knowledge into an ambitious campus plan that works with local influencers

Develop and maintain a working knowledge of LNM influencers

Build brand awareness via social network sharing of relevant LNM content



  1. Proven track record of accomplishments prior to joining LNM

  2. Charismatic and outgoing personality

  3. Connected with a variety of key influential groups on campus

  4. Campus expert on behind the scenes activities (clubs, parties, etc) and hot spots on and around campus

  5. Social chameleon - have the ability to work with a variety of groups and organizations

  6. Passionate about the LNM brand

  7. Possess an entrepreneurial spirit

  8. Must be in good standing with the school

  9. Creative mind, with prior successes in driving the creative process

  10. Functional knowledge of social networking

  11. Responsible

  12. Self-motivated

  13. Lives and represents the LNM brand


In addition to emailing us your resume, add your cover letter and please include an explanation of why your experience is specifically relevant to this role at Last Night's Mistake. We want to see your personal style – what makes you tick and why you think your next opportunity is here with us. Oh, and don't forget to include your social handles!